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  • 04:12:10 pm on July 15, 2009 | # | 1

    We’ve been working on names lately. Grace now knows my name and Andi’s name and knows what our last names are all the same. She knows her name is “Gracie Barbara Beck”, although for some reason she adds in a second Barbara sometimes.

    This afternoon in the car we were going over names again and we asked her who she was named after. After some careful thought, she correctly said “Grammie”. We haven’t really talked about that aspect much so I was surprised she got it. I decided to push on a bit and asked “If you are named after Grammie, then what is Grammie’s name?” She thought for a good ten seconds and then said “Gracie Barbara Beck” with a tone of accomplishment. At least she understands “same” now. I corrected her and told her only the Barbara part was after Grammie. Then Andrea said “Grammie’s name is Barbara Rozynski.” With a hint of being a bit overwhelmed, Grace replied simply, “Oh.”



  • Ota 5:19 am on July 16, 2009 | #

    Can’t fault the logic!!